USA 2020

The Mother of Fishes

The CAPA theater hosted this premiere on February 15 and 16 in performances produced by co-composer Roger Dannenberg.

The English version of La Mare dels Peixos, an opera in three acts performed without pause, based on a popular tale (rondalla) by Enric Valor.

This US premiere (and world premiere in English) was held at CAPA Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on February 15-16, 2020. Produced by Roger Dannenberg, music and translation by Jorge Sastre and Roger Dannenberg, directed by Federico García-De Castro, directed by Seamus Ricci, costumes by Hedy Hurban, original script by Aurora Clari and Carles Iborra, with Alia Musica Pittsburgh orchestra, CAPA choir and Antithesis, and with Raquel Winnica Young as Jordina, Eugene Perry as Jaume, Franklin Mosley as Jaumet, Bridget Ann Johnston as Elionore, and Desirée Soteres as Rosella.
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