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Opera: La Mare dels peixos

Adaptation of the Opera la Mare dels peixos in English and with puppets. Students make sets, puppets and sound and video effects with Soundcool. Example videos starring 5th and 6th grade students at CEIP Humanista Mariner.

Project summary. PDF Libretto in Valencian Libretto in Spanish Libretto in English / Effects and Sounds / Background music / Character dialogues


Roger Dannenberg explains how to make a representation of a fragment of a "Tintin" comic.

Webinar. PDF Make your own representation. PDF


Project presented by Professor Pau Monfort at the ConEuterpe 2019 Congress.
Soundtrack for the silent film Le voyage dans la Lune (1902)

Presentation PDF Make your own soundtrack. PDF Movie sound effects. PDF Videos

Mascleta Workshop

Practice consisting of the realization of a mascletá fallera, within the informative workshop given by Montse Briceño, Elena Pelejero, Leopoldo Amigo and Jorge Sastre on January 24, 2018, on the Soundcool environment for teaching and musical creation to 3rd ESO students ,

Mascletà practice - Playlist

Radio workshop / podcast

The Soundcool team teaches how to make a radio show.

PDF Vídeos

The Mother of Fishes

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