Basic Soundcool Projects

Soundcool team teaches how to do a radio program.

Soundcool team has done several workshops in different schools with the practice of realizing a virtual mascletà with Soundcool app.

Noelia Aroca explaines us how to realize loops and music with “delay” modules in Soundcool.

Noelia Aroca explaines us how to create and record loops with Soundcool.

Project presented by teacher Pau Monfort at ConEuterpe 2019 Congress

Advanced Soundcool Projects

Example videos protagonized by students of 5º and 6º from the CEIP Humanista Mariner.

Adaptation of the Opera The Mother of Fishes in english and with puppets, the students make the scenery, the puppets and the sound and video effects with Soundcool.

Explication PDF

Valencian Libretto

Spanish Libretto

English Libretto

Sounds and effects

Background music

Character dialogues

These videos are from the hands-on activity 2 of the Soundcool MOOC course

In these videos we can see how the students create sound effects, using the effects from the Opera The Mother of Fishes as an example.