Soundcool Best ICT Device SIMO 2016 Education Awards

Soundcool has been awarded in the 4th edition of the SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2016 awards, which highlights the best ICT devices for education in the category of best experience in programming and robotics.

The project, which has been carried out by the Performative Arts and Technology research group (PerformingARTech), is directed by Jorge Sastre, composer, engineer and professor of the Master in Music in the UPV. It began to be developed in 2013 with the purpose of generating a creative learning tool adapted to the current technological resources and seeking to create an environment of easy use that motivates the students and facilitates the task to the teacher.

It has been funded by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, the Universitat Politècnica de València, the Erasmus + program, and the Generalitat Valenciana. The support of the Generalitat to the project Soundcool comes from the hand of the Conselleria d’Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport, organism that will carry out the official presentation of the project next November 16

The ceremony was held last Friday, October 21 in the framework of SIMO EDUCATION, the reference event in the field of technology oriented teaching.

The awards for educational innovation recognize the work of professionals, companies and institutions that favor the development and implementation of ICT solutions in the education sector. Through these awards, SIMO EDUCACIÓN seeks to contribute to the dissemination and recognition of available ICT resources and projects, as well as to reflect the advantages and benefits they bring to the educational community and society as a whole.

The jury responsible for evaluating the 327 applications submitted this year was made up of: Mar Jiménez, from the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF); Gaspar Ferrer, of Educational Utopias; Juanmi Muñoz, by Cel Working; Juan Carlos Palomino, of Spiral Association, Education and Technology; And Javier Palazón, of Education 3.0. The awards have been divided into two modalities depending on whether they focus on technologies and resources for the classroom or the best ICT-based experiences.

Together with Jorge Sastre, project manager, the award was presented on behalf of the entire team by Adolf Murillo, Soundcool instructor, Remigi Morant, vice-president of the FSMCV and director of the Department of Didactics of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression Universitat de València (UV), Elizabeth Carrascosa, director of the Erasmus + project and professor of the UV, and Nuria Lloret, responsible for communication and social networks of Soundcool.