1) Where can I download the Soundcool® application?

The Soundcool® application can be downloaded on the Soundcool.org page, for Mac or PC computers. For mobile phones you have to download the Soundcool OSC application from Apple Store or Play Store.

2) How do mobile phones or tablets connect to the Soundcool® application on the computer? What do I do if my mobile or tablet does not control the corresponding Soundcool® module on my computer?

To link a mobile / tablet to the computer one have to connect them to the same WIFI network and follow the instructions on the video “connections and controllers” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbPNYwI54s&list=PL9wxq9m9FqC0LiOBrHzXRcy_P0vqbmGHK&index=11


We recommend to use a home WIFI modem-router that can be an old one, connecting the computer and mobile/tablet to the modem WIFI network. IT IS NOT NEEDED THAT THE MODEM-ROUTER IS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. If the modem is not connected to the internet, both on the computer and on the mobile phone and tablet, warnings may appear that the network does not have internet. Accept the warning and if the connection is not allowed, cancel and try again until the “Use without internet” option appears.

Note that you will have to allow the soundcool connections in firewalls from windows or anti-virus applications.

One must enter the IP address from the “IP from router” box of the Soundcool® application (launcher) of the computer in the IP box of the settings tab of the Soundcool OSC app on the mobile or tablet with the numbers and dots as they appear. If they are not exactly the same the app will not connect with the computer. We must also enter the port number of the computer module that we want to control with the mobile or tablet in the settings tab of the app.

3) Why does not the IP address appear in the "IP from router" box of Soundcool l® on the computer when I press the corresponding button if the computer is connected to a WIFI network?

You must install Java 64 bits (32 BITS WILL NOT WORK) and restart the computer to make it work. We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers to install it.

Mac has compatibility problems with the latest versions of Java, if you install the 64 bit version and the IP still doesn´t appear, install this version that Apple gives for those cases

https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?locale = en_US (Java for OS X 2017-001)

4) I can´t get the IP out, how can I get it on my computer?

Step 1: connect the computer to the WIFI of the modem-router that we are going to use for Soundcool, and execute cmd in Windows.


Step 2: in the window that gets open, ipconfig is executed. The IP address will appear in “IPv4 Address”, in the following example figure it is “IPv4 Address …… .”. THE MOBILE / TABLETS MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE SAME NETWORK,OTHERWISE, IT WON´T WORK.


Step 1: we connect the computer to the WIFI of the modem-router that we are going to use for Soundcool, we click on the WIFI symbol at the rigth top of the screen, and in the WIFIs menu that opens we select “Open the Panel of Network Preferences…”

Step 2: selecting WIFI on the left, on the right the namee of the WIFI we are connected and the IP. In the example of the firgure the WIFI is called “soundcool”, and the IP address is MOBILE/TABLETS MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE SAME NETWORK, OTHERWISE IT WON´T WORK.

5) When the computer is connected to a WIFI network, a "router not found" warning appears, why?

The message “router not found” appears in the box of the launcher’s IP address if you connect it to a network that is not produced by a Wi-Fi modem router, for instance a corporate wifi network. These types of connections can be used but it is not recommended because they can block the Soundcool® connections.

6) Why my device says it doesn´t have internet?

If we use the wifi of a modem-router without internet connection the computer and mobile / tablets usually say the wifi doesn´t have internet. We must select on the mobile / tablet “use without internet” or similar. Sometimes you have to connect to Wi-Fi twice so we get the option to “use without internet”.

7) Why does the connect button in the app appear yellow / red?

The connection button in settings can be displayed in three colors:

Green: correct connection.

Yellow: we must check manually that the computer module is well connected to the app by modifying its controls in the tab of the app corresponding to the module we want to control. If they do not activate the controls proceed as in the following item.

Red: connection is incorrect, check all the connection steps of the item 2). If it still does not connect, restart the mobile, modem and computer.

8) Why my mobile doesn´t control the modules?

If the mobile or tablet does not control the Soundcool® modules, check 2).

9) Why a firewall window from Windows or other antivirus is asking for permission for Soundcool® to connect?

When running Soundcool® on Windows computers, a Windows firewall window or antivirus firewall window may appear asking for permission for Soundcool® to connect via Wi-Fi, and it must be allowed or it won´t work.

10) Why is my device changing to another network?

Being connected to a Wi-Fi network without Internet, some mobile devices change automatically if they detect a Wi-Fi network with Internet. In that case we must go to preferences in our device and not allow the automatic change, or forget all WIFI networks (recommended when performing spectacles or concerts with Soundcool®).

11) How many devices can be connected to a network?

Domestic modem-routers accept typically a maximum of 15-20 device connections. When they are full, they do not accept any more conections.

12) The audio samples, videos, images or VST are not loaded or do not work when opening a Soundcool® arrangement

If the audios, videos, images or VST from a Soundcool® arrangement are not loaded or doesn’t work, it may be because their folder in the computer has been changed and Soundcool® cannot find them. The solution is to manually load them and save the arrangement again, or put the files back in the folder where they were originally. This drawback is typical when moving an arrangement from one computer to another or between Mac and PC computers.

13) My phone/tablet does not produce sound

THE MOBILE DEVICE DOES NOT SOUND BECAUSE IT IS ONLY A CONTROLLER OF THE COMPUTER SOUNDCOOL® MODULES. All the sounds we hear are produced by the Soundcool® application installed on the computer, not through the mobile, that only controls the emission of those sounds.

14) Why the player module does not sound?

If the player or sampleplayer module doesn´t sound, check that the module is properly connected to the mixer and this to the speaker module, that the volumes of all the involved modules are correct and that the speed slider of the player module is not 0.

15) Why Soundcool® doesn´t produce any sound?

If Soundcool® doesn´t produce any sound we should check that some sound is being produced, watching if everything is properly connected to the speakers module in a final way and checking if the audio output on the audio settings of the speakers and the volumes are at a correct level, as well as that the loudspeaker icon of the speakers module is activated.

16) Why the direct input does not capture anything?

If the direct input doesn´t pick up any sound we should check if it has enough volume and also check the audio input in the audio settings of the speakers module.

17) Why the rec module does not record?

If the rec module doesn´t record anything, we must select properly the input of the rec module or select the audio input of the computer and check the audio input in the audio settings of the speakers module.

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