X-ENSEMS “La màquina Interestel·lar” / “Interestelar Machine”



April 8th

Palau de les Arts

Teatre Martin i Soler


09.00 Sound creation workshops with the participating centers.

CEIP Carmelo Ripoll (Ontinyent)

IES Arabista Ribera (Carcaixent)


19.00 Proposal didactic presentation.

Students and experts talk about the work.


19.30 School work absolute premiere “La màquina Interestel·lar”.

Encàrrec X-ENSEMS 2017

Proposal based on a story created by Adolf Murillo, María Elena Riaño and  Noemy Berbel


Soundcool Orchestra with mobile devices:

IES Arabista Ribera  stundents (Carcaixent)

CEIP Carmelo Ripoll students (Ontinyent)


Saxo and improvisation:

Josep Lluís Galiana


Soundcoolitzat Piano

María Elena Riaño

Noemy Berbel Gómez


Macchina Performativa 10 (visuals in real time):

Design and creation: Stefano Scarani

Interpretation: Sergi Moyano



Sergi Moyano


Pedagogical direction:

Adolf Murillo Ribes

María Elena Riaño Galán

Noemy Berbel Gómez


Sound design from the story:

Pablo Revert

Claudia de la Resurrección

Héctor Salom

Maria Pachés

Sergi Villaplana

Noelia Talens

Pasqual Adrià

Maria Camarena

Pau de la Resurrección

Ainhoa Guerrero

Josep Fenollosa

Rubén Murillo

(Students from l’IES Arabista Ribera, Carcaixent)

Creative and technical coordination: Giannino Clemente


Videocreation direction:

Stefano Scarani


Technical Staff:

Giannino Clemente García – Sound technician

Àlex Moreno Garzó – Graphic and audiovisual documentation


Music teaching staff:

Carles Rodriguez Carreres (CEIP Carmelo Ripoll)

Raül Murillo Ribes (IES Arabista Ribera)


[Notes to the program]

The program englobes all the components that we believe define a contemporary artistic experience: creative process, sonority diversity, improvisation, spoken language, video creation and above all the active participation of elementary and junior high students. The students’ participation has been a crucial aspect in implementing new approaches to the creation-centered pedagogies which nourish our proposal. It is our belief that all creative action, as the one proposed here, must incorporates at least a small dose of risk, because without risk there is no emotion.

The first part has a distinctly didactic focus in order to grant the deserved importance to the intentionality in the teaching-learning processes. The teaching staff will reflect together with its students on key aspects such as: the collaboration in the creating experience suggestive of the contemporary language past experiences.

The second part of the program shows the resulting work through a personal and original debate. The proposal is based on a story that gives its name to the work: “La Màquina Interestel·lar”. The narration is the perfect excuse to detonate our imagination through sound creation and with it, suggest new sound universes presented as a soundtrack.

This “performing action” centers in bringing the younger audience closer to more authentic experiences through the creation of new music. That is why, the languages intertwine, and permute in a constant game between the auditive, the visual and the gestural, with the clear intention of reconnecting with all the possible senses. Our students presented themselves on stage as creators and protagonists whose gestures, movements and actions configured a hybrid and transdisciplinary plot through sound and audiovisual languages.

The proposal is completely new and innovative, an orchestra of mobile devices managed by the Soundcool system to which are added gestures, narrator, voices and a “soundcoolanizado” piano and saxophone, with the Macchina Performativa 10.

Entries will be free of charge but must be pickup at the Palau’s box office.







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