Kinect use with Soundcool for visually impaired or affected by blindness

The Soundcool session last February 24 in the La Torre Occupational Center in Valencia, was a very special and emotive.

Among the perks of usability that Soundcool offers, it is possible to emphasize being able to control some of its modules through the Kinect. Its use make easy the entire creative process by users with functional diversity, but above all, those users who are visually impaired or affected by blindness. Excited to see how with the help of Kinect these users can express feelings by controlling certain sound modules and effects in the Soundcool.

And is that Soundcool enhances intentionality, not the simple fact of “press” a button here or there to play a certain sound. It is the excitement and the desire to express it the main reason of its birth and development.

It’s important to mention that search for methodologies of Soundcool use, make the adaptation to different interfaces modules and its application as well as to propose to connection in external devices that guarantee their inclusion, Is one of the major goals that guide the daily work and the constant research of all the members that are part of the Soundcool team.

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