Soundcool towards a new learning pedagogy

Soundcool environment  is developed in three main levels.

The foreground, and that gives support, is the technical plane. It is important to keep track into the current state of smartphones and tablets as well as its constant and quick evolution. A second background is the creative, where these novel elements of our time can energize the full potential of the human being, our area is related to music, sound and image. Last but not least, the third level is the pedagogical one very closely linked with the two previous ones. And it is essential to find learning methodologies that fit to the new technological means making easier the intentionality and expression of those who use them.

In the case La Torre Occupational Center in Valencia users, who are visually weak or affected by blindness, we have been working on the design, implementation and testing of functional icons of various application modules (Made with gomets) and located on the tablet screen.

This guarantees the inclusion in the use of Soundcool by any user is one of the major goalsthat guide the Project.

IMG_9174.JPG IMG_9179 IMG_9181 IMG_9184 IMG_9185

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