Humans vs Insects

On September 29th 2016 Colegiul de Arte was the host institution for an important European event, part of  the Erasmus+ project “Technology for learning and creativity: weaving European networks through collaborative music creation”. The event consisted in a very modern concert where the students, using and mixing the sounds both from nature and from our[…]

Premiere of Act I from the Opera “Spiritul mării”

The first act of the opera “The Mother of the Fish” with Soundcool system was performed by the students from Colegiul de Arte Baia Mare (Romania) on September 29th (not sure of the date! please confirm), 2016, inside the Erasmus+ Project “Technology for learning and creativity: weaving European networks through collaborative music creation”, leaded by[…]

Kinect use with Soundcool for visually impaired or affected by blindness

The Soundcool session last February 24 in the La Torre Occupational Center in Valencia, was a very special and emotive. Among the perks of usability that Soundcool offers, it is possible to emphasize being able to control some of its modules through the Kinect. Its use make easy the entire creative process by users with[…]

UPV Social Council Award

Next March 8 the Emoson group part of Soundcool project, dedicated to work with functional diversity people, will receive Social Council Award granted by the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Social Responsability University category, for the work done in the Occupational Center for People with Functional Diversity “La Torre” in Valencia. The teachers involved are José[…]

Soundcool creative workshop in groups with functional diversity

The first session of the  “Soundcool Creative Workshop ” took place this Friday, February 10 2017. The workshop is being coordinated by the Emosons team in conjunction with the La Torre Occupational Center’s therapeutic staff. During the duration of the workshop, composed of 10 weekly sessions, the 12 collaborators was be organized in two different groups[…]