Humans vs Insects

On September 29th 2016 Colegiul de Arte was the host institution for an important European event, part of  the Erasmus+ project “Technology for learning and creativity: weaving European networks through collaborative music creation”. The event consisted in a very modern concert where the students, using and mixing the sounds both from nature and from our urban environment (a street) on their tablets, in real time, have made a comparison between the two worlds: the human world and that of  insects. The sounds had a visual support as well as a verbal one (the Romanian poem “Gândăcelul” – The Little Bug – written by Elena Farago referring to a small creature killed by the hand of a boy) which insisted on the opposition between the turbulence of the human world and the harmony of the insects’ world.The chaotic life of the human beings and their rush have distorted the true meaning of existence, turning it into destruction, killing the beauty of life – the nature.
The students’ performance, guided by the Romanian music teacher Monica Dragoș and the musician Darie Nemeș Bota, was an example of excellent work and commitment, of interest and enthusiasm for this new method of creating electronic music by means of Soundcool system, a system for music education based on collaborative creation with mobile devices. Soundcool is a project from the Group of Performing Arts  and Technology directed by professor Jorge Sastre from the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), which has been successfully promoted by professor Elizabeth Carrascosa Martinez, the coordinator of the Erasmus + project.

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