Premiere of Act I from the Opera “Spiritul mării”

The first act of the opera “The Mother of the Fish” with Soundcool system was performed by the students from Colegiul de Arte Baia Mare (Romania) on September 29th (not sure of the date! please confirm), 2016, inside the Erasmus+ Project “Technology for learning and creativity: weaving European networks through collaborative music creation”, leaded by Dr. Elizabeth Carrascosa.

The opera “The mother of Fish” is based on popular tale from Valencian author Enric Valor. The music of the first act was composed by Dr. Jorge Sastre, director of Soundcool project. The lyrics, written by Aurora Clari, were translated from Valencian language to English in Spain, and then from English to Romanian by the Romanian teachers, with the title “Spiritul mării” (The Spirit of the Sea), bringing the Valencian culture to Romania.

The score provided suggestions to the students of the sounds to be created with Soundcool for the Spiritul mării, and they worked at class on producing a misterious voice for the Spiritul mării with Soundcool, beautiful sea sounds and others.
The students, helped by their teachers, worked also on the stage scenery, the dresses, the singing and the acting performance. The first act featured two characters Jaume (baritone) and Jordina (mezzosoprano), a choir, and some students producing the Soundcool sounds using tablets connected through wifi to a computer running the system. The students produced a very beautiful performance getting a big applause from the audience.

This is a modern approach to a classical style using electronic effects created by the Soundcool system which bring modernity, a touch of novelty and a big interest from our students and teachers.

The complete opera was premiered in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia of Valencia (Spain) on Dec. 16, 2016 with music from Jorge Sastre and also Roger Dannenberg, cocreator of Audacity, lyrics written by A. Clari and Carlos Iborra, and was performed by a professional orchestra and professional singers, and also by 60 students from primary and secondary schools and students from music schools, all of them participants of the Eramus+ project.


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