Third Erasmus + KA2 project transnational meeting

Between March the 31st and June the 3rd took place at Ponte de Sor (Portugal) the third transnacional meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Technology for learning and creativity: Creating European networks through collaborative music creation”. “CEIP 9 d’Octubre”, a school from Alcàsser, coordinates the project, and the “Federación de Sociedades Musicales de la Comunidad Valenciana” (FSMCV) participates also with the IES Arabista Ribera from Carcaixent (Valencia). The meeting was attended by the Italian coordinating teachers (Club amici by Salvatore Quasimodo of Roccalumera and Istituto Comprensivo Tremestieri of Messina), Romania (Liceul de Arte of Baia Mare), as well as teachers from the Music Schools of the Musical Societies of Benimaclet and Canet d’En Berenguer, pilot schools of the FSMCV in this project.


A few days of collaborative work and a final report of the project has been elaborated and all aspects related to it have been evaluated. All the partners expressed their satisfaction at being able to participate and contribute with their experience to a leading proposal in the ICT application in the music education area. The working meetings have also served to complement the final project forms and to share the reflections with a constructive sight, also trying to find out the possibilities of future proposals. The meeting concluded with a final conference, in which the director of the School Group of Ponte de Sor, the councilor of education of the municipality and the director of the project Erasmus + participated. Eventually, the students from Portugal made a wonderful concert and we could appreciate the level achieved in the usage of Soundcool.

After this third transnational meeting at Portugal, the only thing left is to close this project. We are aware of the responsability regarding to lead a project that represents a significant contribution from technology environment to music education. At the same time we are positive about how good the experience was for every partaker and specially for the students. After everything we learnt, we will definitely continue contributing with music education technology-based projects.