Soundcool: Collaborative Music and Video Creation GJIDI/2018/A/169, Garantía Juvenil, Generalitat Valenciana, Fondo Social Europeo, 2018-2019

Grant to improve the training and employability of technical and management personnel of R & D & I through their employment by public research entities, within the framework of the National System of “Garantía Juvenil” and co-financed by the European Social Fund, Generalitat Valenciana and the Iniciativa de Empleo Juvenil.

Soundcool: Mobile and Digital Tools for Musical and Audiovisual Art Education 16-AC-2016, Expanded Artistic Education Projects 2016, "Citizen Art" Program, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, 2016-2019

The objective of the project is the development of the visual part of Soundcool®, the implementation of apps for mobile devices to convert it into a free tool, the promotion of the use of the application in primary, secondary and music schools, and the development of its use for functional diversity.

Grant for the Promotion of Musical Activities of the Institut Valencià de Cultura (CulturArts) 2016, 2017, 2018

Grants for performances related to Soundcool®: the opera La Mare dels Peixos (Spain) and The Mother of Fishes (Mexico), the theatrical version of itHoloSound, and other events.

European Project KA1 Erasmus+: Collaborative creation and creativity through Music 2017-1-ES01-KA101-036693, European Community, 2018-2019

The Nuestra Señora del Rosario-Dominicas FEFC (Paterna) school has participated in Sicily (Italy) in a teacher training entitled “Collaborative creation and creativity through Music”, framed in the KA1 Erasmus + program.

The objective of this training is that the teaching staff of the area of ​​Music – in collaboration with the Technological – design musical learning spaces where students are, among other things, creators of their own musical productions through the use of smartphones, and without the need of having an additional previous professional musical training.

The Soundcool tool is one of those that makes it possible to carry out this type of methodology in the classroom, with virtual instruments that students use to compose their own melodies. This allows, in turn, that they can interpret the creations with professional musicians.

Therefore, the traditional music classroom becomes a renewed learning space with tools that arouse great interest and motivation in students.

It should be noted that the added value of this commitment is that, in addition to developing learning from a musical and technological point of view, students open up new work horizons and real employment opportunities, not only as musicians, but also as producers, technicians, etc …

This initiative of the Dominicas school in the area of ​​Music adds to the daily commitment of the Center to adapt effectively to the demands of today’s society, and this implies providing diverse strategies to students to ensure they have extensive training.

European Project Erasmus+ KA201 Technology to support learning and creativity: building European networks through collaborative music creation 2015-1-ES01-KA201-016139, European Community, 2015-2017

Directed by Elizabeth Carrascosa, this project involved the strategic association of 3 centers in Spain (CEIP 9 d’Octubre de Alcàsser, IES Arabista Ribera de Carcaixent and Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community) and 4 centers in different European countries: Liceul de Arte Baia Mare (Romania), the Tremestieri Comprehensive Institute of Messina (Italy), the cultural association Parco Salvatore Quasimodo of Sicily (Italy) and the PONTE DE SOR School Group (Portugal).

During the 2015-2017 school years these centers worked on the realization of different interdisciplinary activities of collaborative music creation and video-creation using Soundcool®. The project included an exchange of students, the recording of a DVD and the publication of methodological guides for the tool.

European Project Erasmus+ KA105 Music & Technology 2017-2-IT03-KA105-011802, European Community, 2017

Led by the Amici di Salvatore Quasimodo Club, in this project different training activities were carried out with Soundcool® and other applications. In addition to the Italian association, the rest of the participants were the Liceul de Arte Baia Mare (Romania), the French association Pop Up de Avingnon (France), the Malta Bands Federation Ghaqda kazini tal-Banda, the Social Development and Research Center SDRC (Georgia), FSMCV (Spain), Associazione Sikanie (Italy), Europerspektiva (Croatia), Akadmi Spor Kulubu dernegi (Turkey). Among the complementary activities was a concert in which the students of the Comprehensive Tremesteri Institute of Messina offered a sample of electronic music made with Soundcool® and also the Contesse Band of Messina directed by Professor Giovanni La Fauci made a small concert in which They also incorporated effects using Soundcool®.


Soundcool: collaborative system for digital education, technological demonstrator of the IOS App and Android OSC, Cátedra Telefónica UPV, 2017

The Telefónica Chair of the Universitat Politècnica de València co-financed the development of a technological demonstrator of the OSC App of Soundcool® for mobile, collaborating in the acquisition of Android and iOS mobile devices and other expenses.


Soundcool: New Technologies for Music Education and Sound Creation AICO / 2015/120, Generalitat Valenciana, 2015-2016

This project dealt with the development of the Soundcool® audio part and the preliminary work focused on people with functional diversity. Participating entities UPV and Universitat de València.

New Technologies and Interfaces for Education and Production in Electronic Music PRX12 / 00557, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (Spain), 2013

Scolarship Salvador de Madariaga for research stays of professors and senior researchers in foreign centers, concretely Jorge Sastre with the Computer Music Group of Roger Dannenberg of the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA), one of the first Departments of Computer Science in the rankings International (2013).

New Audiovisual Technologies and Interfaces for Education in Music and Sound Creation, PAID-05-12-SP20120470, Universitat Politècnica de València, 2013

Under the direction of Jorge Sastre, in this project the first modules were developed, and Souncool® was born.