December 3, 2015


Soundcool is an innovative system for music education and collaborative creation using smartphones, tablets, Kinect, Open Sound Control (OSC) and MAX / MSP / Jitter created at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) by the Performing Arts and Technology research group (PerformingARTech), interdisciplinary group UPVUniversitat de València.


This research project, led by Jorge Sastre, began in 2013 with funding from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and a research team that combines artistic and scientific profiles bringing together musicians, engineers, educators and experts in audiovisual communication and research.


  • Dr. Jorge Sastre, composer, engineer and mathematician, director of the courses of Electronic Music and Video Creation (MEVIC) and Master in Music UPV (MUM) lecturer.

Technical and artistic profiles

  • Dra. Nuria Lloret, MUM director, responsible of the websites and social networks, and Dr. Adolfo Muñoz, both faculty members of the Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art department.
  • Dr. Carlos Hernandez, director of the Soundcool area for students with functional diversity. Other members of the group: Dra. Luisa Tolosa, Dr. José Ramón Díaz and Montse Briceño.
  • Dr. Stefano Scarani, video artist, composer, interactive systems specialist and MEVIC lecturer. Dr. Ximo Cerdà, MEVIC coordinator.

Pedagogical team

  • Dr. Adolf Murillo (pedagogical manager), advisor to the Training Center Innovation and Educational Resources (CEFIRE) and lecturer at the UPV.
  • Dra. Elizabeth Carrascosa, lecturer at the University of Valencia and the CEIP 9th October (Alcàsser, Valencia), and director of the European Erasmus + KA2 project for the introduction of Soundcool in the European education system.
  • Dr. Remigi Morant, director of the Department of Music Didactics, Plastic and Corporal Expression of the University of Valencia, vice president of the Federation of Music Societies of Valencia (FSMCV).
  • Dra. María Elena Riaño Galán, lecturer of Musical Expression Didactics of the Education department at the Faculty of Education of the University of Cantabria.
  • Dra. Noemy Berbel Gómez. Associate dean in the Facultat d’Educacio and mobility coordinator. Education and specific didactics Department. Music expression education area. Universitat de les Illes Balears.


  • Dr. Jaime Serquera (12/2015-present),Elena Pelejero (12/2016-present),  Xiaoqian Huang (1/2017-5/2017), Rafael García (9/2014-7/2015), José Enrique Serrano Comes (1/2013-3/2014), Deng Han (1/2014-4/2014).

Soundcool web, collaborative web and social network.

  • Elena Robles (11/2015-present): technical researcher.
  • Narce Ruiz (03/2017-present)
  • Giannino Clemente (9/2015 – 7/2016).
  • Responsible: Nuria Lloret.


  • Prof. Roger Dannenberg, director of the Computer Music Group, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA), and Sara Masters (2013-present).
  • Giannino Clemente, MEVIC graduated and Berklee student.
  • Angélica Rodríguez, doctoral student MUM (2017-present).
  • Álvaro Forner Durá (Tutorials Developments Soundcool-Audacity, Telecommunications end of grade work, 2017)

Former collaborations

  • Lucía García Talavera(Tutorials Developments Soundcool-Audacity, Telecommunications end of grade work, 2016)
  • Dr. David Picó, Gregorio Jiménez, Joan Cerveró, MEVIC UPV lecturers.
  • Marcelo Estornell Boscà. Music Teacher (Secondary Education) and Trumpet Teacher (Andorra la Vella Music School)